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21 November 2019
Sydney, Australia
IIC Connect Sydney - Industry Day

How It Works

1. Online Registration

The registration process involves completing three forms:

a) Your Company Profile
All the information should be written in English. 

b) Your Contact Details (person attending the IIC Connect Session)
It is necessary to have the contact information so we can inform you of any last-minute changes.

c) Your Marketplace Items
The Marketplace enables you to list your offer and request items and to search for the suitable business partners by these items. The categories are:

  • Product - participants have the possibility to add and describe the product they're offering
  • Service - participants can describe the service they're offering
  • Partnership - participants can add a partnership Marketplace entry, if they are interested in a partnership
  • Project cooperation - participants have the possibility to add a cooperation wish if they are looking for a cooperation partner for their project
  • Expertise - participants are able to describe their expertise 
  • Request - participants can describe anything specific they are looking for by creating a Request Marketplace item.

2. Promotion of Published Profiles

All profiles will be published on the app and all registered members will be able to view the profiles. A statistical analysis of 40 matchmaking events showed that high quality profiles are visited about 50 to 150 times BEFORE the event and will still be viewed AFTER the event.

3. Selection of Bilateral Meetings

Booking is open from the time Registration opens
Spend a few minutes to see which cooperation profiles are the most interesting to you. Please return periodically to see new registrants.

Booking of bilateral meeting
Once you've found the most interesting business partners, you can ask them for a meeting. You can request meetings and receive requests. You will receive an email if your meeting was accepted. If you receive a request for a meeting, you need to either accept or decline the meeting.

Your Meeting Schedule
The day before the event you will receive an email with your personal meeting schedule, including the time, table number where the meeting will take place and whom you are going to meet.

4. At the Event

Please continue reviewing your meeting schedule to catch any last minute meetings since you can arrange meetings up to the last minute.

Your personal meeting schedule will list meetings in chronological order with the following details:

  • Names of your conversation partners
  • Table number for each meeting

IIC Staff will be available to assist you during the whole matchmaking event via email, phone or in person.

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Sydney, Australia